Does your home or office have lonely, empty or poorly adorned walls?

You deserve to have quality art on your walls —art you really love.

Do you live or work in the Fraser Valley (Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Langley and beyond), Metro Vancouver, Okanagan or somewhere else in beautiful British Columbia?

Hello, I'm Josh Jenkins, founder of Josh Jenkins Photography. I’m happy to tell you a bit about my business and how it can help you, no matter where you live or work.

Josh Jenkins Photography produces art for all those lonely, empty walls out there. Art photography is not only my business; it's my life-long passion. A lot of research, experience, creative energy and work have gone into producing art that is accessible, affordable and will help you create the right mood in almost any space.

Over many years, I have snapped more than 250,000 pictures at locales both around the world and in my own back yard—British Columbia. From this collection of images, you’ll find a diverse and varied range of pieces to give you an excellent range of art from which to choose, making it easy for you to enhance all your home and office walls in need of finishing touches. All the images I use are my own.

Are you a home or condo owner or renter?

Looking to add those finishing touches to your home décor with art?

Adding quality art is a key part of turning your house or condo into a home, a home that you are proud of and excited to show off to your friends and family. Adding the right art is even more important. Custom collections from Josh Jenkins Photography will be put together specifically to work with your decor and your tastes to ensure your home looks fantastic!

Not sure what art you need or what art would look best on the wall spaces you have?

Let me come to you for a free in-home consultation. I’ll look at your wall sizes and shapes and your decor style, and then I’ll give you some suggestions of what could work best. We can decide together what lucky works of art get to grace the walls of your home!

Tired of seeing the same art everywhere?

All of the art work I sell is my own photography and every piece is part of a limited-edition series. You can have a unique work of art without the concern that you’ll see the same image in every store and home you walk into.

Are you a business owner or manager?

Would you like to improve the overall image of your business?

Having professional art that works with your existing decor, and that helps enhance the message you are trying to convey to your customers or clients will help your business image significantly.

Do you want to provide a better experience for your customers, your staff and yourself?

Custom collections from Josh Jenkins Photography are designed to be as effective as possible in creating a better environment for everyone who spends time in your business space.

Do you think your clients would rather gaze at inspiring images instead of blank walls or insufficient art?

Your customers will notice (and appreciate) something nice to look at—inspiring, beautiful images will be a positive part of their experience. Happy customers are repeat customers. But you already know that.