I was born in the Fraser Valley and after spending my younger years around western Canada, and in far off exotic places like India, Hawaii and Fiji... I find myself back in the Fraser Valley pursuing my dream. I was first introduced to photography by my father, who had dabbled in it while traveling. He taught me a lot, and we learned together over the years. He has always been a great source of encouragement in all my undertakings. My creativity was developed further through my mother, who has been a lifelong inspiration with her artistic spirit and talent in oil painting. Much of my business has been developed with her knowledge and support, and it’s great to come full circle and be working with her on collections now.
I am mainly self taught in my photography, always preferring to learn on my own. I have, on the other hand, been schooled in computer arts and design, which have given me a passion for line, color, and composition. It also helped me gain the knowledge I need for digital imaging and editing, which has become a large part of the process I use to bring you the best final product I can. I continue to learn, and will never stop.
My passion for capturing beautiful sights with my camera has taken me to many beautiful places. Such as; Thailand & Cambodia, much of Europe, Cuba, other parts of the Caribbean, all over Western Canada, and much of the US... Including; Hawaii, California, Arizona, many of the Northern States, and all over New York & New Jersey. I will continue to travel regularly, but will keep returning home to offer you a brief vision of the amazing things I’ve seen.
Adventurousness, wisdom, and always keeping my eyes open to new things have brought me to where I am now with my photography. I see beauty in everything, and I strive to portray that to you in my images.